We wrote about Celebrity Cubes for the In Vitro Meat Cookbook assuming that culturing celebrity stem cells for cannibal cuisine was still a long ways off. Well, turns out that one startup is already trying to make artisanal Kayne Salami a reality.

Bitelabs claims to be "100 percent serious in prompting widespread discussion about bioethics, lab-grown meats, and celebrity culture... Making celebrity meat a reality from there will all depend on our ability to build a user-base."

We're still not sure if Bitelabs is just a committed hoax, but the technology to make human in vitro meat is certainly available.

Bitelabs' main issue is the prohibitive cost of lab-grown meat – remember how much Mark Post's burger cost? – and the fact that many celebrities might be less-than-enthusiastic about donating cells for the sake of good eating.

Celebrity cubes concept dish from the in vitro meat cookbook Celebrity cubes concept dish from the in vitro meat cookbook

Via Gawker. Photo via Onboardly.

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  • Oh, and I can make an investment on that, should it be needed.

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  • Hi Rachel Armstrong! Your concept of using protocells in Venice might get dissed because of the possibility the things might get loose in the ocean; give New Orleans a thought. It would be a lot safer if some of your neocoral would grow under it and perhaps raise it above sea level. Besides, the food is really good there and staying is a lot cheaper than Venice. Have a look at my home city, please.

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  • Nice concept from the movie "Antiviral" brought to us for real. I'm expecting the celebrity influenza soon as well :)

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