Magic meatballs playfully familiarize children with the concept of in vitro meat. Just like modeling clay, a package of magic meatballs comes in a rainbow of meat colors, with exciting add-ins for flavor, texture and nutrition. Kids love to help out in the kitchen by transforming healthy in vitro meat into beach balls, Easter eggs or even pint-sized snowmen.

With the solar system activity pack, kids can create fun meatballs while learning about the planets. Use these serving suggestions to make your own tasty universe. To complete the look of an outer space expedition, serve the meatballs with black pasta and a sprinkle of ‘stardust’, or Parmesan cheese.

Meat Solar System


30 grams yellow meat

1 crispy-crackle pack

1 sunlight flavor pack


15 grams blue meat

15 grams green meat

1 antioxidant flavor pack


30 grams white meat

1 pearly-sparkle pack


30 grams red meat

1 warrior flavor pack

Instructions: Mix the meat and the flavor packs in separate bowls. Roll the meat into balls approximately four centimeters in diameter. To preserve the vibrant color of the meatballs, steam them for 10 minutes in a bamboo steamer set over boiling water.

From The In Vitro Meat Cookbook: 45 lab grown meat dishes you cannot cook yet.

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