Regular readers of this blog know we are closely monitoring razor technology as a symbol of our co-evolutionary relationship with technology. This basically means that, like the bees and the flowers, people and technology are caught in a relationship of mutual dependence: we serve our technology as much as it serves us. And just like humans, technology wants to prosper, propagate and grow.

The latest species in the Razorius line is the Razorius Gilletus Gold Plastic. Like the exorbitant feathers of the peacock, which only function is to aesthetically stand out amid its competitors, this new species of Razorius Gilletus only differs from its predecessor with a thin layer of gold paint on its plastic body.

Whereas earlier models distinguished themselves with added blades or aloe strips, this recent model only differs aesthetically from earlier species. Anyhow, this might just be as effective in standing out amidst the other species in the shelves, as functional differences.

We are eagerly awaiting what the next phase of evolution for the Razorius Gilletus species will be. More blades? Platinum? Nanoshave? WiFi connected? If you have any ideas, visions or expectations you want to share, please use the good old fashioned comment box below.

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