Instagram is making a food photographer out of everyone, the so called Foodstagramers. Some restaurants in the US already started to ban these customers. Now imagine you can share also the smell of your delicious dish. All you need is the free app oSnap and an oPhone.

We are going to extend our senses in a digital way: the inventor and Harvard professor David Edwards and his ex-student developer Rachel Field started yesterday the crowdfunding campaign for their product.

If you want to share the smell of your steaming coffee in your hand you just take a picture with the app oSnap and connect it with some "aromatic vocabulary" of your choice. Then you can send it to the oPhone user of your choice. But how does it exactly work?


"The oPhone DUO is able to diffuse over 300,000 unique aromas thanks to the small, inexpensive circular cartridges we call oChips, that fit inside the device. The oPhone DUO works with 8 oChips and each oChip contains 4 aromas - so the oPhone DUO works with 32 primitive aromas. They last for hundreds of uses, sort of like link cartridges, but for aroma. You can swap them in and out and capture any scent for which we have designed an oChip. And while we are starting with oChip families (what we call "aromatic vocabularies") around specific foodie and coffee experiences, we will soon be diversifying these in exciting ways. Using oSnap with oPhone is like using an aroma palette with a paintbrush and canvas. You will want to try your hand at it, or as we say, "aroma doodle". And with the oPhone, you'll quickly get the hang of how it all works."

The oSnap app for connecting fragrances with pictures, is already available on the Appstore. But for the oPhone we have to wait until next year. If you cannot wait for that experience you can send your smelling picture to an already existing oPhone in a HotSpot in Paris or New York


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