Coral reefs are suffering degradation from a number of natural and human-induced causes. American company, Eternal Reefs, had a peculiar idea to help preserve, protect, and enhance the oceans’ health.

They offer to their clients the possibility - after death - to have ashes made into a rock to form the base of an “eternal memorial reef” to provide a habitat for sea-life.

Combining a person’s ashes with environmentally-safe concrete, the sea burial is molded into a shape that mimics the natural growth pattern of a reef.

Family members can add handprints, write messages, or embed keepsakes like a plaque or military medals and, instead of visiting the deceased tombstone, they can get some diving gear and visit a coral reef made of a loved one's remains.

Those who fought for sea conservation in life, may like the idea to physically continue their battle for the marine environment in death. Blending in old nature doesn’t seem a bad way to rest in peace.

Story via Inhabitat

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