Face-recognition technology is arriving. Surveillance cameras can already pick out individual faces of suspects, and soon even smartphone app may allow you to identify strangers on the street and look up their Facebook page.

In anticipation of the emerging face-recognition technology, privacy-lovers have been developing anti-face-recognition camouflage strategies for some time now. More recently, designer and technologists Adam Harvey reverse-engineered the algorithms behind face detection.

Face recognition algorithms re-engineered Face recognition algorithms re-engineered

Harvey generated a series of blocky images that could become the "building blocks of anti-surveillance makeup," and focused on the simplest yet most important patterns for foiling the face-recognition tech.

According to Harvey, the desire to avoid face recognition algorithms could bring us a whole new set of make up styles, which is now explored with a speculative make-up salon, called CV Dazzle, that dresses up its clientèle for maximum privacy.

Seen at lustrous Future Everything Festival.

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