A four-strong team of young women from Germany launch a shopping revolution: with their crowdfunded supermarket Original Unverpackt they’re going to ban disposable packages. The shop will open its doors in late summer in Berlin Kreuzberg.

Everything we buy is packed: from cucumbers to bananas, although they already have a perfect natural packaging. Just with our daily purchases, in total we produce 450 kilos of waste per year and per capita!

One year ago the German team started to think about the idea of not recycling, but precycling. Just one day after they started the crowdfuning project, they collected 20.000 Euro. Midway through the campaign they set their funding goal at 45.000 Euro.

The aim is to make consumers more conscious and enable the shopping experience to a completely new level. Every step of the supply chain is guided by the team's "Zero Waste" philosophy, as they say on their website: Sustainable consumption should be sexy.

Instead of endless rows of products arranged on shelves, the fresh food will be serve up in bulk bins and dry goods can be dispensed from gravity bins. This allows shoppers to customize their purchase and avoid food wasting at home. Customers will bring their own containers, borrow reusable containers from the store or use recycled paper bags.

original_unverpackt-4“Everyone should be able to afford to help the environment in the way they can” they explain. We hope this concept will also be adopt by the large concerns. So don't forget to bring your own container into the future!

Source: Original-Unverpackt.de

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