This is not a sci-fi movie character, up against off-world battles, evil rivals and extreme challenges. You are looking at a power amplification robot, called Power Loader, currently under development by Activelink, a Panasonic subsidiary venture.

This exoskeleton links people with construction machinery: worn as if it was a superhero’s armor it gives the wearer a force and a power beyond human strength.  "Power Loader receives the force input by a person through its force sensors, and amplifies it using motors. In this way, it assists the person, by producing a large force that the person can't achieve alone. The concept we've used to develop Power Loader is, you get into it, rather than wearing it. Using this concept makes it safer to operate" explain the creators.

With robot arms and legs that follow human movements, it works like a sort of artificial muscle system to help humans in heavy work, such as lifting heavy objects in emergencies or on construction sites.

According to Activelink Company the future of superhuman strength is not far behind, as they claim on their website: “Using Robotic Technology equipment anybody can become a superman. We are bringing this dream one step closer to reality.”

Here a video demonstration of how it works:

Source: DigInfo

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