In the forest, plants struggle with each others to gain sunlight. Meanwhile in the 'urban jungle' we call cities, plants need to fight against tall buildings and skyscrapers in order to reach fresh air and sun rays.

Inspired by 'The Vertical Farm' by Dr. Dickson Despommier, Aprilli Design Studio conceptualized Urban Skyfarm as architectural solution that brings vegetation high up in the air and environmental improvement for food production and distribution.

The concept envisions sets of farms and gardens clustered together into a giant tree-shape structure, to locate in downtown Seoul, right adjacent to the heavily populated Cheonggyecheon stream.

"By utilizing hydroponic systems as substitution of soil based agricultural extensions, vertical farms can produce food more efficiently and healthily with supplementary heating, lighting and moisturizing within a controlled environment."

The tree is organized in four major components - the root, trunk, branch and leaf. The upper part hosts open air farming decks for medium based vegetables, while the lower section is protected by a structural skin and provides a more controlled environment for leafy products.

Photovoltaic panels generates energy for the night. "As a net zero energy facility, the Urban Skyfarm uses renewable energy produced by solar and wind energy".

Urban Skyfarm features also Viewing Deck, Cafeteria, Farmers Market, Water Filtration Facility, Renewable Energy Production Facility.

"As a living machine, the tree-like form creates a strong iconic figure in the prominent location and becomes a symbol of well being and sustainable development. "

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Source: A'Design Award & Competition

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