A stand-alone physical button that connects to the internet. Alone, it doesn't do much. But connected with the cloud servers at bt.tn, it can do pretty much what you want! Using this simple button, you can harness the power of various Internet technologies, such as HTTP, Twitter, Facebook, email, or SMS.

The button can be programmed to trigger every Internet related message. For instance, it is able to turn on all the electronic devices as soon as you walk in an office. Or send a text to your mom, saying : "I'm on my way home!".

The possibilities are endless and because of this it can be very complicated. You can have multiple actions with just one press of the button. This tool can also interact with the place where it is located; if the button is in the kitchen it could have a different function from other rooms of the house.

The most interesting thing about BTTN is its way to minimize the expanding, unstoppable and swarming internet.

It is an interface that could facilitate our relationship with technology; but could it make things actually easier? What if we really could program this button to do anything we'd like, will it all be so innocent as sending an "I'm home" text? And what if people will push the button, without knowing what they are doing. Is it really such a good idea to 'simplify' the internet?

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