Inspired by the award winning In Vitro Meat Cookbook, Next Nature Network and Submarine Channel present Bistro In Vitro: an online design fiction documentary about the future of meat, with a virtual restaurant as its main platform.

Save the date! The world’s first in vitro meat restaurant website is launched on May 6. If you are in Amsterdam, come and join us at the inauguration of Bistro In Vitro. During the event, we will launch the website, show a premiere of the documentary, present the project and discuss the potential of lab-grown meat.

On you will be able to select your own menu, share your choices on social media, watch video interviews with visionary scientists, international renowned chefs and critics. You will also find four stunning videos by Dutch visual artist Floris Kaayk, in which he visualizes the actual preparation of four lab-grown meat dishes imagined by four master chefs, showing how in vitro technology has the unique potential to bring us incredible new food products.

Reflecting on the ethics, aesthetics and prospects of lab-grown meat, Bistro In Vitro will challenge you to step into the imagined, but not unimaginable, future of meat production and consumption.

CDD0yjbUkAAJsW2.jpg largeMeat flowersCDOBhTnVAAAKK-W.jpg largeThroat Tickler, See Trough Sashimi, Meat Flower, Meat Foam Cocktail, and more. What would you order in a restaurant that serves only lab-grown meat creations? What if a restaurant like Bistro In Vitro would exist tomorrow? What would it look like, and what would be on the menu?

Bistro in Vitro will let you to think outside your comfort zone and instigate a discussion on the future of a possible new gastronomic culture, while preparing you for future foods that might end up on your plate one day.

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Bistro In Vitro Launch

May 6, at 17:00

LAB 111. Arie Biemondstraat 111, 1054 PD Amsterdam

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