Fresh air in a bottle: it's the product of a Canadian start-up that collects oxygen from the the Rocky Mountains forests and bottles it to sell. In China, where pollution reaches record levels, this product named Vitality Air is the latest must-have.

The idea of capturing clean air was born last year in the western Canadian city of Edmonton, but the company began selling in China less than two months ago. “Our first shipment of 500 bottles of fresh air were sold in four days” co-founder Moses Lam says. It's a real fresh air-mania in the most polluted country in the world. And the air is not cheap: a 7.7 Litre can of crisp air taken from Banff National Park in the majestic Rocky Mountains range sells for roughly 100 yuan (15 dollars), which is 50 times more expensive than a bottle of mineral water in China.

Lam explains that in order to collect the crisp air into canisters, employees venture to the mountainous region, Banff, in Canada, stay put for about 10 hours and then bring the bottles back to their headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta. “It's a very tedious process, and everything is done with care and love, every bottle is pretty much hand-bottled, it goes through an extensive list of quality control checks before it goes out to our customers” he says.

Most of the air-in-a-can users live in big cities in the northeastern and southern parts of China where dramatic pollution warnings are an everyday occurence.

"As we continue to live in highly polluted areas, we are your solution to pollution!" Vitality Air company claims.

Source: The Telegraph. Image: Vitality Air

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