Prolonged sitting is a common feature in today's society. Despite the amount of movements our body is capable of, we spend most of our time in sedentary mode.

To respond to the anti-physical modern technology trends, Eindhoven Design Academy graduate Govert Flint developed the Segregation of Joy project. He designed an exoskeleton chair that allows the body to move freely. The user can control the cursor on his computer screen by moving his body in the chair.

Sitting is the new smoking, newspapers often use this expression to draw attention to the negative effects of prolonged sitting. It became evident that even a correct siting posture is not a solution for someone who spends the majority of the working day behind a desk.

To avoid long hours sitting, workplaces already undergone some makeover projects, such as the smart desk, the experimental office without chairs and desks and the human hamster wheel desk.

The dynamic exoskeleton chair is the latest result of office evolution. Even though it's still in development, the project will make people rethink work and raise questions about how much of our lives we spend sitting down.

“Technology is blindly excluding the body” Flint says. “I’m a bit afraid of some kind of Matrix scenario!”.

Source: The Guardian

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