Have you ever dreamed about living in the Hobbit Hole, an earth-sheltered house in the Lord of the Ring Middle Earth? Now, you can simply order one at Green Magic Homes. Featuring easy-to-assemble prefabricated structures, Green Magic Homes provides a module in different shapes and types to easily build up customized tiny houses that can be covered under layers of soil, turf, or even sand and snow.

These Hobbit habitats are designed to become a part of the landscape. The structures can be shipped anywhere and assembled by only three people in three days, without any heavy equipment or special skills.

The natural covering on the rooftop provides insulation to retain heat, it also provides food, if you decide to grow some fruits or vegetables on your rooftop garden. For sure we don’t need to live as primitively as the Hobbits. All the electrical wires, water pipes, or ventilation ducts can be added into the house at any moment. Featuring a flat screen TV, hot tub, pool and lounger, these Green Magic Homes are modern and cozy.

Green Magic Homes 3

However, according to nature blog Treehugger, the big amount of plastic inside the panel material (fiber-reinforced polymer) makes it questionable whether it can be called green housing. Additionally, depending on how much resin has been used during the process, it could possibly emits a high level of formaldehyde during manufacture, endanger workers, or be poisonous. Moreover, considering the northern climate, a few layers of frozen soils won't probably be a enough to insulate the house. Would you live in one of these Hobbit houses?

Source: Treehugger, My Modern MetGreen Magic Homes.

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