Technology is evolving us, but not everyone is willing to become a cyborg. Conceptual designer Thomas Thwaites is currently investigating and experiencing to live life as a goat.

Spending the past year studying goats behaviour and physiology, Thomas created a set of prosthetics for his arms and legs. This prosthetics on his body limbs allow him to roam around, as a goat. Besides imitating goats movement, he is also attempting to construct an artificial rumen, which could help him to digest grass with the gut bacteria from a real goat’s stomach. Last summer, he joined a goatherd on the Swiss Alpsfor for three days as a member of the group, and lived as a solitary goat for the next three days.

Through his adventure, Thomas wanted to explore life as a nonhuman creature, immune from worries and frustrations, with a calmer and simpler life.

Thomas Thwaites2

"Posthumanism, transhumanism technology and stuff, is about allowing humans to achieve their desires in a way. And I guess [some people's] desires aren't necessarily to become super intelligent" the artist said in an interview with Motherboard.

His projects involves research about considering and speculating different scenarios on how humans might augment themselves in the future. Perhaps, some of us don’t want to evolve anymore with innovation and technology improvements, but prefer to de-evolve instead.

Source: Motherboard

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