Dressed in a full-length read coat, the humanoid robot Yangyang can function autonomously, talking and gesturing while interacting with people. Thanks to a number of tiny motors beneath her rubbery skin, she can display a wide range of facial expressions, move the head and raise the hands as a sign of greeting.

Smiling and polite, she is willing to hug and respond to her interlocutors in several languages, showing happiness or anger and everything in between.

Much more convincing than her Japanese kin, Yangyang was created by Shanghai Yangyang Intelligent Robot Science Service Centre and Japanese robotics professor Hiroshi Ishiguro (already father of the Doppelganger Robot) and recently unveiled at the Global Mobile Internet Conference 2015 in Beijing.

Just like the humanoid school teacher, Yangyang’s job is actually useful: popularizing robotics among young people. The eerie creature is the latest advancement in robotics that are swiftly becoming more and more lifelike, blurring the line between humans and humanoids. However, when actroids have a clear reason to exist, their presence is a bit less intimidating, reducing the risk of anthropomorphobia feelings.

yangyang2Source: Daily Mail

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