In these modern times a traditional first aid kit won't do anymore. As the world around us innovates, our needs in case of an emergency change as well. That's the reason why a San Francisco-based design agency named Box Clever decided to redesign the classic emergency kit to suit the demands of life nowadays.

As the designers wanted to limit the resource and time commitment for the project, they decided to focus on bringing together the new package and order all its contents from the e-commerce Alibaba. This way they focused on which objects to put together, rather than the objects themselves.

The project finally resulted in Patch, a kit packed inside a stainless steel bottle that is suitable for watertight storage, other than holding water for drinking. Then there is a cloth roll with pockets containing 19 handy objects for survival. But among Band-Aids, gauze and a lighter it also contains a backup phone battery.

In essence, the Patch kit is based on a kind of hierarchy of survival that Box Clever set up. The first level contains literal survival to stop physical injuries from getting worse. Then there are the necessities in order to keep on living after a disaster, like a pen, a flashlight and a multitool. And apparently on top of that, you are also going to need something to recharge your phone.

Seth Murray, one of the agency's principals, stated that we are very reliant on technology today. Not having access to his phone would be a big deal for him. In his vision a phone is very important for survival, as it connects us to the people we love, helps us to find answers and it also offers a way of killing time when everything else is going wrong.

For now this 21st century survival kit remains a concept, although the company is currently negotiating a collaboration with a partner possibly interested in marketing and developing it further.


Source: WiredBox Clever

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