Dom Indoors, is the latest research project developed by a construction robotics company called Asmbld. It includes a robotic system that can reconfigure an indoor space within minutes, as well as a family of tiny robots that can assemble modular elements into walls, furniture, or costumed objects according to the needs of users.

Reminding LEGO, Minecraft, and even the ways we construct virtual rooms in The Sims, the team sees every modular tile as a pixel and enables the users to dynamically reshape and revision the space around them. This project allow to transform rooms brick by brick and download a new furniture design that would literally grow up from the floor.

reconfiguration robots

The robots and sufficient 5-inch tiles are stored and hidden underneath the floor. These tiny robots, orienting themselves by light sensors and markers, serve different goals under the floor. Some of them bring and place the modular frame elements and tiles to any desired position below the floor, and further assemble the structures layer by layer. Others lift the layer up into the space and hold it until the supporting layers are ready. The construction process is repeated until the structures are assembled, or reversely are disassembled.

The Dom Indoors system could help micro flats or business offices to quickly adapt their spaces to the changing needs and to more efficient usages. Let's create a bedroom for a quick nap in the working space, or take down the conference rooms when no one is using it.

Source: Techcrunch

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