On may 21st, Next Nature Network art director Hendrik-Jan Grievink will host a workshop around the idea of Speculative Sensing: exploring the potential of senses found in nature and fiction, such as echolocation, infrared sight or telepathy. The workshop will be held during the 5th edition of What Design Can Do, an international event about the impact of design.

‘Why are technologies often half-baked versions of the brilliant dreams we have? Isn’t our shiny mobile phone merely a watered-down materialization of the dream of telepathic communication? And why aren’t we able to smell in the digital realm?’

During the workshop, we will dream up scenarios that seem too fantastic to be true at first, but that actually give clear directions and an inspiring vision to the development of future services and experiences, resulting in a more fulfilling technological environment in which our senses are truly acknowledged.

A central tool will be the Pyramid of Technology, a conceptual model developed by Next Nature Network that explores how technology becomes nature in seven steps. The Pyramid of Technology facilitates a profound discussion around a more inclusive understanding of technology, and serves both as a method for critical analysis, as well as a speculative design thinking tool for innovative strategies.


21 & 22 May 2015, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Information and tickets: www.whatdesigncando.com

See you at WDCD2015?

See you at What Design Can Do 2015?

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