The VOID (acronym for The Vision Of Infinite Dimensions) is a virtual reality theme park where visitors can explore the virtual world in a physical environment. Based in Utah, it will open its doors on summer 2016, but it already promises to provide the most immersive experience possible and to be "the future of entertainment".

Players will enter the physical location of the Virtual Entertainment Centers (VEC) where they will wear a kit of high-tech garments: virtual reality headsets, haptic vests to feel environmental effects, such as simulated bullet and attacks, and gloves with sensors.

The gaming center will include seven 20-by-20 meters rooms, where groups of up to ten people can compete. Like diving in a video game, the visitors will walk into new dimensions and experience surreal worlds: from haunted castles, to dinosaur safaris, passing through futuristic battlefields.

“Our technology allows us to create the illusion that the player is exploring miles of terrain or incredibly tall structures without ever leaving our game pod. The end result is a physical connection to the virtual world and a sense of exploration never before possible” the VOID website claims.

The creator, Ken Bretschneider, plans to build virtual-reality gaming centers in every city in North America, Asia and Europe. An ambitious project, but you can definitely expect experiences like it to spread across the world soon.

The Void1 The entry of the VOID gaming center.

Source: The Washington Post

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