Fervent gamers and those who tried virtual reality headsets might have experienced a sensation of nausea induced by playing video games. It is a common feeling while interacting many hours with electronic games.

Bradley Ziegler, student at Purdue University, suggested to add a virtual nose to VR experiences. His game design teacher, David Whittinghill, describes the addition of a virtual nasal organ as a "stroke of genius".

Stomach turning nausea is becoming less of a problem with the decrease of lag. Lag is the delay one perceives between input movement and output video. The longer the lag and the more out of sync the game is with your movements, the more prone one is to feeling sick to the stomach. Alas, quicker response time hasn't taken care of the problem altogether.

There was suspicion stationary objects like dashboards and cockpits decreased nausea. Playing tennis while behind the cockpit of an airplane however isn't very appealing.

A virtual nose, not unlike your own physical version, is always within sight, it's just that your brain tends to filter it out. Is the day of personal nose scanning software neigh? Will games to come offer a menu option to enable your virtual nose?

Story via Purdue University. Image David Whittinghill

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