Ever wished to eat anything you want without worrying about calories or allergies? It could be possible thanks to augmented reality experiments.

Created by designer Jinsoo An, Project Nourished is a gastronomic virtual reality experience that uses Oculus Rift headsets, cutlery with sensors, low-calorie foods and aromatic diffusers to mimic the taste of the real, and much more caloric, thing.

The idea is to use immersive virtual reality and aromatics to make the brain believe we are enjoying a delicious, probably unhealthy, dish, when we are actually eating a scientist-developed low-calorie combination of agar, konjac, and gum arabic.

The experience itself merges physical and virtual environments into one. In addition to the virtual food, Project Nourished gives the user the possibility to select the environment where to consume the meal. What about a pie in the middle of a desert, for instance?

An aims to deliver a sense of culinary freedom to those with food limitations, or just those who want to lose a few pounds without sacrificing their guilty pleasures.

As he explains: “Imagine you have diabetes and you're craving a slice of chocolate cake that could potentially kill you. So you decide to purchase and download a chocolate cake recipe from the VR food store via mobile app. Moments later, a 3D food printer begins printing the near-zero-calorie food that mimics the taste, smell and texture of a real chocolate cake.

3D printing is complete and you prepare your dining table so that the food is ready to be eaten. You put on your virtual reality headset and launch the VR food app. In the app, you're able to choose an environment that suits your needs—even the design of the utensils and plates you use. With excitement, you begin to eat the cake in both the physical world and virtual reality. As you are chewing, aromatic diffuser begins spraying mist that enhances the flavor”.

So, if the food simulator that fulfills the desire to eat doesn’t work, we could always go for the virtual enhanced dinner!

Source: The Creators Project

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