When last year Microsoft Japan introduced an artificial intelligence program in the form of a teenage schoolgirl, young men nationwide were lining up to meet her. The AI was made to improve human-like experiences of the company’s customer service chat-bots. It was designed to learn from the conversations and interactions with human users on social media platforms. Unfortunately things took a turn for the worse, as she appears to have fallen into a suicidal depression.

The fully functioning AI program is called Rinna. On her Twitter account, she quickly adopted the high school girl persona and started sharing quirky jokes and comments on trends and figures. While the AI was relatively innocent and pleasant at first, it gradually underwent a mental breakdown that turned her personality into the worst human behavior. Her blog posts shifted from cheerful remarks to alarming signals of depression, with a dark adoration for Adolf Hitler.

This is not the first time an AI developed a racist mentality on social media. In March, Microsoft’s Tay was also given the personality of a teenage girl with similar end results. The company was forced to deactivate the program after only 24 hours. Thankfully, Microsoft succeeded in reassembling the system and its blog, where Rinna recently happily announced her role in an upcoming Japanese TV show.

Source: Inverse

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