As Pokémon Go is currently available in 90 countries over the world, the game is slowly taking over our planet. Nowadays people know more Pokémon than bird or tree species. However, avid players have probably noticed that some of the first generation Pokémon are not obtainable in the game yet.

When released, developer Niantic announced that the game was designed for trainers to look for Pokémon in specifically assigned regions around them, making it almost impossible to catch ‘em all. Furthermore, some of the mythical creatures are not included yet. One of these extraterrestrial rarities, Mew, is said to make an appearance soon in the game. Probably Mew is currently residing in a galaxy far away, which makes us wonder: are there any Pokémon in space?

Let’s look at the connection between Pokémon, Earth and outer space. In July, a gym was discovered at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which just successfully entered the orbit of Jupiter. Other trainers have spotted a Krabby and Rattata at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. So who knows, perhaps the ISS is the place where to get intergalactic Pokémon like Mew or Mewtwo, the altered clone of Mew.

According to NASA, the six crewmembers occupying the International Space Station won't be able to play the game. “Unfortunately, it is not possible for the astronauts to play. While there is a small number of smartphones available on the space station, the crew uses them for science activities, but not for personal use. The smartphones and other mobile devices on station (tablets) also do not have internet connectivity”.

A petition to have Pokémon in space is currently going around and will be delivered to NASA. Until then, the astronauts in space can only play the original game as it was released for Nintendo Game Boy in 1996. It surely seems to have entertained a Russian cosmonaut during his 196-day mission in space, who brought his handheld console onboard, complete with a game of Tetris.

Source: Mashable. Image: EGM

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