A team of cyborgs and digital enthusiasts under the moniker Cyborg Nest developed a wearable technology for the body able to perceive a human sixth sense. North Sense is a piercing-like apparatus meant to be implanted into the chest to enable the wearer to sense the magnetic north by way of a vibration.

Cyborg artists Neil Harbisson and Moon Ribas, who together form the Cyborg Foundation, created Cyborg Nest in collaboration with body modification expert Steve Haworth, human rights activist Liviu Babitz and digital entrepreneur Scott Cohen. Their slogan “Design Your Evolution” envisions a transhumanist society in which humans have the ability to sense earth’s magnetic field, just like animals.

“We believe that if we could sense something that animals can sense, we can understand more about this world […] Understanding will lead us to also respect more, create more and make the next positive steps in the future of our evolution” Babitz said.

According to the company, the implant is imagined more than just a compass. “You will own a unique new ability, and this will change you. In a few months, as a cyborg, you’ll be able to experience new memories, maps and life moments, created and influenced by a new layer - your North Sense”. The device not only makes the wearers experience their senses through technology, it also adds new senses to it.

Recently, our NNN fellows gathered to explore the uncharted territory of a new project: Next Senses.

Sources: Motherboard, ReadWrite

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