At Hyowon Healing Centre in Seoul you can experience the emotional cost of a suicide during "Death School" classes. People of all ages come to face their fear and learn how to cope with life. First you have your photo taken, then you write a farewell letter to your loved ones and finally you are closed into a wooden coffin for ten minutes. Afterwards, Jeong Yong-mun, head of the centre, addresses the participants: "You have seen what death feels like, you are alive, and you must fight!"

This controversial idea is an attempt to deal with increasing number of suicides among South Koreans. The World Health Organisation reports that 28.9 among 100.000 country's citizens commit suicide. Specialists point out the probable reasons of this dramatic situation: the extreme pressure of modern life, an hyper-competitive society and the ever-growing financial burdens. The giant shift in South Korea's economy questioned the traditional lifestyle and offered no easy answers. No matter how strange the "heal-dying" method seems, there's no harm in trying, fortunately.


Death School Participant in Seoul

Source: Daily Mail

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