Wanted: new jobs for humans and robots! Which designers, technicians, robot enthusiasts will help us with innovative, feasible ideas for the new jobs of the future? Introducing the employment agency of the future: HUBOT.

The drone chauffeur, the virtual reality mechanic, the four-armed masseur or the artificial intelligent urban tester? The arrival is significantly altering the labor market. Many people have a gloomy outlook for the future: robots will allegedly steal our jobs. But could robots possibly also generate new jobs and employment? Could they empower people facing difficulties in finding a job because of low education, physical deviances and so forth?

We challenge you to submit inspiring and daring perspectives that can impact on creating and altering the work for people who have difficulty finding and retaining a job. Upload your design no later than May 15th, 2017 on the Empowered by Robots website.

The competition should result in 20 meaningful ideas, which will be collected in the employment agency of the future in October 2017. This employment agency – called Hubot – will be designed by curator Koert van Mensvoort.

The jury consists of Wim van der Leegte, director-owner of VDL Groep; Tessie Hartjes, co-founder of Blue Jay; Peter de Rooij, hairdresser with super powers and guests Jos Verhoeven (Start Foundation) and Alderman Staf Depla (Eindhoven Municipality).

The submissions that will be admitted into the exhibition will receive €2.500 to develop the idea into a prototype. One winner will be chosen and will receive €10.000 to turn the prototype into a proof of concept within a year. Sign up here!

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