Your dream-trip has always been to experience an African Safari? Google can help you make it come "true". It might not be the same kind of adventure or thrill, but from today even who does not have the possibility to plan a real trip to South Africa can admire the stunning nature and wildlife through a virtual safari, comfortably sitting on the couch. All thanks to Google Maps.


Google launched the Mzansi Experience, a virtual tour to South Africa that uses Street View to give you a sense of the country majestic landscapes. A part from seeing elephants, leopards and other wild animals, it will take you everywhere from Cape Town's Table Mountain to Durban's Golden Mile. While this still won't be as breathtaking as a real safari, it will definitely require less effort and money; and it might even inspire you to eventually go when your finances allow it!


Mich Atagana, Director of communications and public affairs at Google South Africa, explains: “Even South Africans who do not have the means to go to Kruger can also experience that. This is a very important part of this. It is a window for people who want to experience and look at it and get on a plane to go, which is great and we encourage that, there are some people who can never afford to physically come to South Africa and see these places in their lifetime, and hopefully this will give them the opportunity to experience it a little bit”.

Source: Independent Online. Image: Google

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