How safe is it to cycle in your town? In most cities daily cyclists are stunningly increasing, but they also face quite some risks and unexpected events on their way. More and more towns are investing on improving bicycle paths, also hoping to decrease the number of car-users. To do so, some cities are taking advantage of technology, a very handy tool when it comes to data and information collection.

strava global heatmap

By tracking your daily cycle you can actively provide city and transportation planners very useful information on how and where to improve existing paths, or even create new ones. "The first piece of data is where are injuries happening — where people are using streets currently and where they are doing so that is proving unsafe", says Chris Cassidy, spokesperson for the San Francisco Biking Coalition.

strava heatmap of the uk

Tracking your workout can help in determing which roads are mainly used or in mapping the efficiency of streets design. These information are mainly taken from Strava Metro, one of the most popular fitness-tracking apps and social network for athletes, that records times, itinerary and unexpected accidents. On their website you can find heatmaps that are providing real information on how people get from point A to point B.

Today, 10th of May, Strava is promoting and hosting the first Global Bike to Work Day, why not embrace this initiative and actively help revise and upgrade the finest lanes? Seventy-six cities and regions are already using Strava Metro data to help assess and shape transport policy.

Source: Sporttechie. Images: ShutterstockStrava

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