Kids can now explore the Himalayas just using a new Google Maps app. A 500-foot Yeti, named Verne, will guide them on a virtual tour of the planet's highest peaks. The company has combined 3D graphics with their maps to create a unique experience for adventurous kids to traverse the outside world, staying inside.

The educative nature of this app is meant for people to learn more about the Himalayas. The app allows users to "run up Mt Everest in seconds, skate across icy lakes, chase yaks, discover bits of information, ride a jetpack, play Himalayan instruments, and more".

The Yeti is named after French novelist Jules Verne, who is best known for pioneering the science fiction genre and his fifty-four-novel-series Voyages Extraordinaires. Perhaps Verne: The Himalayas is just the first chapter of a series of explorations throughout the world.

Google’s game is launched via its spin-off startup Niantic, the same developer that brought us Pokémon Go earlier this summer. Even though Verne does not offer aerobic exercises to its players, it surely demonstrates geography lessons can be more fun and interactive for kids.

Story and image via Tech News Today

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