Amazon has proven to be a pioneer in innovations and originality. After patenting the 1-Click Ordering system they plan to implement a new payment system, the pay-by-selfie, a technology that enables users to pay for items by taking selfies to confirm their identities.

The company wants to provide a more secure way to protect consumers and their identities than the standard and easy to forget passwords, normally used to complete online transactions.

amazon pay by selfie 1

In the patent application they explain: “While many conventional approaches rely on password entry for user authentication, these passwords can be stolen or discovered by other persons who can impersonate the user for any variety of tasks”. What they claim is that people often buy from a device in which they tend to save their passwords, in this way they can be easily exposed to cybersecurity leaks.

amazon pay by selfie 2

Amazon is not certainly the only one who had this idea, Alibaba, the Chinese mega-version of Google, has already made public demonstrations of a similar system called the Pay With Your Face and MasterCard is moving in an almost identical direction. Their hope is to reach the skeptical and worried customers that see flaws in an online payment system by enhancing their security. So, smile! Your selfie can now do more than just a funny snapshot.

Source: The Telegraph. Image: Amazon, Shutterstock

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  • you're right, the possible outcomes scare me more than a common password theft

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  • Interesting that such a big company is willing to try a novel(ty) approach to security. If our face is the "key" or password, then how will we protect our faces in the future from being used without our permission? The rise of masks or even magnetic implants could be just two of many possible solution...

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