Since 2000 the experts at Pantone have choosen a color to sum up the spirit of each year, capturing both a snapshot of the past and a sneak peek into the future. From the relaxing quartz and blue of this troubled 2016, they now have shifted to a bright green as the color of 2017. A perfect choice if we take into account some of the positive developments in renewables reached during this controversial year.

The Paris agreement was ratified in October and many nations are already on the way to a greener future. Last May the whole country of Portugal ran on renewables for a week. In August a chilenian energy firm started selling solar energy 58% cheaper than a natural gas plant. As we previosly reported, Morocco is succeeding with its solar panel fields. Also, the International Energy Agency has forecasted a rapid growth of alternative energy sources, thanks to policy support in many countries and cost reductions of these once expensive technologies.

After the year we had there is hope in 2017, so let's take the advice of Pantone: "Take a deep breath, oxygenate and reinvigorate..."

Source: Pantone

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