The Weather Drone controls the weather: it makes sure the sun will shine on your birthday, or that the rain will fall during a period of drought. The worldwide demand for solutions to atmospheric necessities is critical, therefore the Weather Drone not only monitors the environment, it also helps us manage water resources and alter the climate when needed.

Numerous Native American tribes, especially those living in semiarid desert country, engaged in elaborate dances to coax moisture from the rain-stingy skies, The so-called rainmakers roamed rural landscapes promising to end droughts. The Weather Drone however, dances through the sky and follows the wind. Needless to say the drone feeds itself from solar power.

The Weather Drone can go where no manned planes can. He is our hero that flies into hurricanes and blizzards, it takes measurements of wind, moisture and temperature, and reports back to our meteorologists.

You can find the Weather Drone and many other good drones (such as the Queen Bee, the Firefighter and the Farmer) in What’s flying there?, our coloring book that opens up new perspectives for drones positive applications in the human habitat.

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