One and a half century ago birds and insects were the only airborne creatures. The largest movements in the sky were, for example, swarms of starlings, migrating geese or a lone circling hawk. From the twentieth century a new entrant made its rise: aircrafts. Today 8.3 million people are held aloft by airplanes everyday. Commercial air traffic accounts for the 4% of the total global output of greenhouse gasses. Indeed, the impact on the environment is clearly visible and widespread. Near urban areas a clear blue sky without contrails is close to non-existent. Not only airplanes have become part of the visible and audible horizon, they also directly transform our landscape by creating cirrus cloud formations.

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  • Instead of things that produce shit, the world is now full with things that produce nasty gasses. The problem is that we are not confronted with those gasses. They are invisibly helping the world to a slow death. Therefore, I say we need things that produce shit again. Airplanes need to shit. Cars need to shit. Until there is so much shit in the world that nobody in their right mind wants to use these polluting means of transportation. Quickly, then, clean alternatives will emerge and spread, ensuring a fruitful future. Because let's face it: everything starts with shit.

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