Back in time we were eating with our hands. Then sticks and stones became our dining tools. These turned into chopsticks and eventually into forks and spoons. But the evolution of eating utensils did not stop there. Liftware launched two smart spoons that correct the unexpected movements of eaters.

For people with parkinson or other diseases that cause tremors eating is a major challenge. The Liftware Steady is designed to correct the users ongoing shaking movements. A second spoon was created for people with larger uncontrollable hand and arm movements, caused by spinal cord injuries or cerebral palsy, for instance. A motor inside the flexible handle of the Liftwear Level spoon counter reacts to any unexpected movements in all directions. Additionally the spoon on the handle can be replaced with a fork or a soupspoon. One big difference to regular spoons is that these motorized spoons needs charging every once e in a while.

By buying Liftwear, Google seems to see a bright future for smart eating utensils. Their next step is to launch an app. This application gives the ability to customize the spoon to personal needs. With Google taking over, expectations grow!

Source: Liftware. Image: Essentail Tremor

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