Where are you going this summer? How about sleeping out in the open air in the Swiss Alps. No Wi-Fi, no walls, no bathroom and most certainly no roof, this is Null Stern's latest hotel concept. With its 6.463 feet above sea level, the hoteliers are taking “a room with a view” to the next level.

Null Stern was founded in 2008 when brothers Frank and Patrik Riklin and their partner Daniel Charbonnier, converted an underground nuclear bunker into a hotel. The project ran from 2009 to 2010, before it turned into a museum. In German their name means “zero stars”, branding their venture “the world's first zero-star hotel". According to the collective “the only star is you”.

Open air hotel in Switzerland offers panoramic view

"Even though this version is radically different from the first one in the nuclear bunker, the essence and the spirit of the concept remains the same – to put the guest at the center of the experience and to focus on the intangible by reducing everything else to the minimum" Charbonnier says.

Open air hotel in Switzerland offers panoramic view

The open-air room is located in the mountains of Graubünden and provides a butler, a bed, two nightstands and some lightning. Initially, designed for the Art Safiental land art festival, the stay is bookable for 250 Swiss francs per night. Null Stern is planning to expand their open-air rooms to several locations, turning the whole of Switzerland into a hotel.

Source: Dezeen

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