Today we have powers that we could not even imagine few years ago. We can communicate with people on the other side of the world, we have access to a huge amount of information in seconds, we can visit places without moving. Until now these powers have always depended on the support of tech devices, but with the Neural Lace this could soon change.

A Neural Lace is a mesh that grows in the brain and merges with it to create an internal interface with the web, allowing mind controlled interaction with computers. This will revolutionize the way we learn, communicate and think. It will also be a huge step in the race against Artificial Intelligence. As Elon Musk said during his Code conference this year, “We will be left behind [by AI] a lot!, we will be so far below them in intelligence that we would be like a pet, we will be like a house cat”. Here he explained that we are at disadvantage because we have the output constraint. No matter how fast you type on your computer, an AI can “google” faster than you because it doesn't has to type.

In the future that weakness can be overcome with the Neural Lace digitally merged into our brain, working symbiotically with it and giving us fiction-like superpowers. Luckily, a post-apocalyptic world with AI dictatorship seems to be a little less plausible.

Sources: GizmodoRecode

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