The various advantages of 3D printing technology are widely known. According to some, it will radically change how we look at the world in the near future. From healthcare to design, it is already breaking rules and opening many possibilities. Traditional methods of building and food production will probably become obsolete in the next 50 to 100 years. The latest 3D printed breakthrough come from Dubai. They're calling it the 'office of the future' and it is the first completely 3D printed office building.

It is also remarkably big: approximately 2690 square feet. It will now serve as a fully operational office building, including all the latest comforts. What is even more striking is the time it took to complete it, only 17 days and the building was done. Electricians, plumbers and designers then proceeded with the final touches to make it completely functional.

The Emirates, and especially Dubai, always faced many issues, especially regarding the safety of their construction workers which have no insurance and risk their lives every day to build the next luxurious residential building. The durability of this construction is still unclear, anyway the prospect of building edifices in a few weeks, for a fraction of conventional cost, is very promising.

Source: The National. Image: UAE Innovation Committee

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