American service design company Ideo has taken the essence of on-demand economy at heart, presenting a vehicle with detail-designed services for the future of carpooling. It's a car that runs on electricity, self driving on-demand and with endearing technology onboard.

Each vehicle is equipped with four seats. Ideo calls these seats Pods, since in each Pod you have individual space and services ready. Each seat functions as a discrete environment, users can decide to set it to social or private mode, activating noise cancellation technology. Your bags? There is a dedicated storage space for them, just under your seat. Once your car has delivered you safely to your location, it is ready to pick up other people and a screen on the front of the car will display the next passenger name.

If this is not enough, the onboard technology provides internet connection and an integrated projector streams directly from your portable devices onto visors above your Pod to entertain you during your ride.

Moreover, the car could also be used to deliver goods. For instance, someone who books the car to run errands when the owner doesn't need it could offset some of that cost by choosing to pick up groceries for the owner. A temperature-controlled bin would store the food. Everyone’s happy! Ideo states that overtime, the smart sharing and saving model is expected to make you earn some money to cover the cost of owning and maintaining this car. The essential requirement to for this model to work is sharing. With all these benefits, the harder question to answer would be: why not? Let’s carpool into a good future together!

Source: Ideo

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