What is your digital footprint? Facebook knows it. Developers Regina Flores Mir and Hang Do Thi Duc created a new Chrome extension called the Data Selfie. The Data Selfie is an application developed to quantify your digital footprint is by looking at your media and social networks consumption. Every ‘like’ and ‘click’ on Facebook tells a story about you. Even the articles you read and where they come from.

By using psychometrics, the Data Selfie can tell something about the person behind the computer. Its creators used the theory of the Big Five, a model based on five personality traits, and other subjects like religion and interests. The Big Five clarifies your score on openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism.

The interesting question behind this is: do digital footprints match real life goals? "In my data selfie, it says I’m not likely to be concerned about the environment. I read that and said, that’s not even true! But it made me think about it. Is there a subtlety to the way I interact online that they can tell?", Regina Floris Mir says.

The Data Selfie wants to make people aware of their online data identity and the underlying information about themselves they are sharing with the world.

Source: Fast Co.Design

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