In less than two weeks time you are invited to join us at Welcome to the Village festival for our next iteration of the ECO coin! Here we will be running the second community trial of our sustainable currency with a strong emphasis on social earning and spending.

Now in its fifth year, Welcome to the Village festival (July 21, 22, 23) is more than just a music festival located in the Friesland province of The Netherlands. The festival rightly sees itself as a mini-society that is perfect for experimentation and innovation. In their own words: "Welcome to The Village is a transient free state where there's room for trying out experiments, initiatives and products for a sustainable society... a visit to our festival means you're a music enthusiast, sponsor and guinea pig, all rolled into one festival-fancy package".

So what do we mean by social earning and spending? Well, we have been very busy learning from our first community trial in order to improve the ECO coin. This time we will make sure that both individuals and communities or groups can fairly be rewarded. We want multiple people to be able to participate in activities to earn ECOs (like increasing biodiversity by planting native and edible flowers together) and we also aim to create rewards in a more communal way (like a Very Ecological Person or V.E.P experience at the sustainable ECO coin Kartent campsite). Money is a social technology and so making sure we strengthen the relationships of an already existing community will be the key for the success of such a new system.

To make sure that the ECO coin fits the festival's context and addresses community needs we will also participate in the festivals innovation program, DORP. This will give us a chance to find new partners and grow the ECO coin network, so that even more people can start earning and spending this revolutionary currency to start to rebalance economy and ecology.

To find out more about our ECO coin and keep up to date with future experiments you can visit Here you can find the story behind the project, where you can earn your first ECOs and what we plan to do in the very near future. We hope to see you there!

Images: WTTV

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