The robots are coming! They’re getting smarter, cheaper and more reliable. How long will I have my job before a robot steals it? The industrial revolution made muscular power redundant, the digital revolution automates our thinking. How to cope with that? Are we working against, or together with robots? Find out yourself and visit the virtual office of HUBOT.

Robots can work 24 hours a day and will never call in sick. No wonder people think that  robotization will lead to job losses. But new technology can also make our work more enjoyable, interesting and humane. A horse can run faster than a human, and yet nobody claims that horses will make mankind obsolete. A man on a horse, or a man with a robot; this offers new opportunities.

HUBOT explores the future of work. Our goal is to inspire everybody, from all different levels of education, from young to old, including those who are currently excluded from the labor market. Are you ready for a challenging job? Take the jobtest and find out which HUBOT job suits you best.

The physical office of HUBOT can be found at the MediaMarkt in Eindhoven from the 21st of October during the Dutch Design Week 2017, and will travel around the world afterwards. HUBOT is a project by Next Nature Network, Start Foundation and Gemeente Eindhoven

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