As part of his latest project Oeuf, French artist Abraham Poincheval spent three weeks sitting on a specially designed “breeding chair” trying to hatch ten hen's eggs with his own body heat. And guess what, it worked.

You might know Poincheval as the artist living inside a stuffed bear or spending seven days inside a carved rock. Poincheval is not afraid to challenge his physical (and mental) limits. In fact, he makes his living out of it. According to the artist, such temporal habits are means to explore the human nature.

For his latest piece that took place at the Palais de Tokyo museum in Paris, Poincheval aimed to experience the temporalities of the animal world. Equipped with a pile of books, blankets, juices and foods, the artist locked himself for 23 days inside a 37° vitrine-like vivarium, dedicating his body to incubate the eggs, taking only one half-hour break a day.

Poincheval has vowed that his chicks will never end up on a dinner plate and said he planned to give them a happy life in his father's farm in the west of France.

While the idea of a (hu)man brooding an egg might seem strange to us today, who knows what the future will bring us. Maybe the artificial womb will be next? Stay tuned on

Source: The Telegraph

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