We are pleased to announce the launch of the Next Nature Memory Game. Now available in our web shop, it playfully explores the shifting borders between biology and technology.

Is our notion of nature changing now that we live in a world of rainbow roses, augmented landscapes, digital galaxies, robotic bulls and lab grown meat? The Next Nature Memory Game will show you how our original natural environment is replaced by human design and, at the same time, how our technological environment becomes so omnipresent, intricate and autonomous that we start to perceive it as a nature of its own. With our urge to design our environment we cause the rising of a ‘next nature’, which can be wild and unpredictable as ever. Play the game to discover how nature changes along with us!

There is more! To go deeper you can download the free educational kit alongside the physical game. Recommended for teachers and students, the workshop will help the next generation of thinkers, researchers and innovators to develop their own opinion on nature, humans and technology.

More info:  Next Nature Memory Game

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