The gift giving season is once again upon us and to help out those who are struggling to find the perfect present for that special someone, we have brought together a collection of Next Nature inspired gifts. Whether you need ideas for that early adopter colleague or something for your very ‘merry’ auntie, please enjoy our 2017 Next Nature gift guide.

For the connected drinker: Jim Beam smart decanter

“OK JIM, let’s get drunk” is a phrase that you no longer have to say to another human. JIM is the world's first smart decanter brought to you by Jim Beam. Voiced by 7th Generation Master Distiller the decanter includes a sleek compartment for bourbon storage and voice command capabilities. Unlike other smart home devices, JIM also offers ground breaking shot-pouring functionality.

For the mixed reality fashionista: Givinchy VR goggles

These snazzy sunglasses from the fashion house Givenchy are VR and AR ready. For an optimal AR experience, the clear lenses have a focusing ring as well as an actual camera on the bridge. These glasses redefine style and technology. Unfortunately, there is no indication that these will ever be anything more than a concept - but if they are, you’ll likely find us in line for a pair!

For the private paranoid: Hushme personal acoustic device 

Ever been in a situation where you needed to communicate very sensitive information in a public place whilst also having the urge to look more like Darth Vader? Well lucky for you there is just such a solution with Hushme. Hushme is a personal acoustic device that will help you to protect speech privacy in open space environments. It even comes with customised masking sounds such as rain, squirrel and minion.

For the drone enthusiast (young and old): Whats Flying There?

Drones are controversial, they are either seen as killing machines or as the next pizza delivery guy. There is not much room for imagination in between. This new species has a great potential that needs to be discussed. What’s Flying There? is a coloring book that opens up new perspectives for drones applications in the human habitat.

For the crypto enthusiast: Ledger Nano Hardware Wallet

This is like no other wallet you received for Christmas. It’s a physical wallet to store all of your digital currencies. This gift is perfect for the cryptocurrency evangelist and for the new time investor to keep their currencies safe and secure. Look out for our own cryptocurrency which you can store in a digital wallet soon!

For the memeologist: What Do You Meme?

Many years from now people may look back at the year 2017 and study our memes to understand how our societies communicated. Memes have become a global way to communicate through forums and chatrooms throughout the world. And now someone has made a game of it. Compete to create the funniest meme by pairing Caption Cards with the Photo Card in play. A rotating judge picks the best combination each round.

For the Kawaii king: Qoobo, the pillow with a tail

Qoobo does exactly what it says on the crowdfunding website. It is an adorable therapeutic robot in the form of a cushion with a tail. When hugged and petted, Qoobo wags its tail and warms your heart. A true pet of the 21st century, it only needs a bit of energy to keep it going and will never bite you, pester you to feed it or get bored of you.

For that one dirty friend: Dirt, the fragrance

Demeter's Dirt was made to smell exactly like the dirt from the fields around the Pennsylvania family farm belonging to the founding perfumer of the company. The fragrance is based on the “beautiful scent of turned earth with a touch of last season's corn stalks”. If you know that special someone who wants to feel (and smell) closer to the earth, this is the perfect present.

For the self studier: 23andme health and ancestry kit

Spitting into a tube has never been so illuminating: this kit uses a saliva sample to unlock detailed ancestry information along with details about specific inherited traits. 23andMe will notify the spitter if other users in its database share DNA with them, potentially uncovering long-lost relatives. With this health and ancestry kit you could give the gift of a new sister, cousin or uncle.

For the humane humanitarian: Refugee Flag

Created to mark the participation of the first ever refugee team in the Olympics, the Refugee Flag is inspired by the colours of the life vest and it is now available to purchase. The orange and black flag symbolises not only a new international nation or community but also hope, something we can all use a little bit more of heading into 2018.

We hope this guide has inspired you with some of the best Next Nature gifts out there this year. Happy Holidays!

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