Contactless payments are becoming ever more ubiquitous. A single tap of your card, smartphone, key fob, or smartwatch easily does the trick. Besides the “conventional” payment methods, we have seen a biohacker paying with his thumb and an artist paying with hugs. So what’s next? Hong Kong-based tech company Tappy believes the future of wireless payments is in jewelry.

The so-called Tappy ‘smart ring’ was unveiled during the annual consumer electronics tradeshow CES in Las Vegas. The wedding ring allows its wearer to operate wireless payments by simply placing the finger near the terminal. By connecting the ring to the connected smartphone app, it then links to the wearer's bank account.

Instead of becoming a technological jewelry company, Tappy solely provides the technology. This allows jewelry makers to design the ring themselves. There is however one little adjustment in the future wedding rings: they will be made from ceramic, as metal would interfere with contactless payments. Even though the idea innovatively touches upon our present-day “always on” mentality, it does take away some of the magic.

Source: The Guardian. Image: The Wedding Press

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