Facial recognition is old news. Artificial intelligence new favorite activity is recommending ingredients and recipes from food photos. Finally making use of the numerous food pictures floating around all social media platforms!

Pic2Recipe is an artificial intelligence system created by MIT to help understand people's eating habits, learn and suggest new recipes and give informations about the ingredients by only "looking" at a prepared dish. Until now, an AI "eye" couldn't really deal with food images as it didn't have enough knowledge, due to the lack of accurate databases matching recipes images and their description. MIT's researchers expanded already existing small databases with various cooking websites to broaden the data. The combination of millions of food pictures and ingredient lists from these sites was literally fed into the system to draw connections and recognize patterns.

With one look at your food snap, the system is now able to tell its ingredients, and in the future it might be even able to calculate the quantities of ingredients used to prepare your dish, by comparing it with similar recipes from the web. This foodcial recognition would be a dream coming true for people with food allergies.

Next Nature Network was recently invited to dinner by Chef Watson. Read the full story here.

Source: Newatlas. Image: Izuminki

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