Finally a fake flower with a purpose! POP the Smartflower is an all-in-one solar energy system that harvests sunlight but also stores it. It looks like a giant sunflower with solar panels petals, it interestingly behaves like one as well. Not that it turns yellow once in bloom, but it follows the sun around all day long.

Creators of the Smartflower gave this magnificent creature the ability to extract as much sun light s possible, which makes POP up to 40% more efficient than average solar panels in its energy output. The “petals” of the flowers, when fully expanded, are as big as 18M2. After a year following the sun around, the flower can produce from 3,400 to 6,200 KWH, this amount is enough to power up the appliances and lights of your whole house for a full year.

Globally, energy supply is a huge market but with many complications. The highly polluting coal-fired power plants takes over 41% of global electricity generation, bringing vast environmental pressure onto our collective future. The second place at around 11% is nuclear plants. Nuclear plants while bring less visible hazards into the air we breath, the sizeable catastrophe of "when things go wrong" is still much outside of our control. That’s why we are so thankful to technologies like the Smartflower, which truly allows humans to be less dependent on harmful infrastructure, and move onto a healthier autonomy. It offers a valuable alternative, one that allow us to choose our own lifestyles further. We hope it’s a sustainable one.

Source: Designboom. Image: Smartflower.

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