Tomorrow you could already move into your very own $10,134 home! Weather its gonna look like a spaceship, a castle or a huge piece of cake its up to you. Sounds like a dream right? Russian 3D printing company Apis Cor recently built the first 3D printed house on site with their mobile 3D printer.

By printing the main parts of the house in a concrete mixture, the building is supposed to last 175 years. The first prototype was finished in 24 hours and it includes a hallway, a living room and a kitchen. The windows are put in the frame independently.

The company's vision is to provide eco friendly, efficient and fast solutions in order to face problems in housing around the globe. As this wouldn’t be one big task already, Apis also wants to take on the outer space. On their site they state "When there won’t be enough space on Earth for humanity to live, we are ready to be first to start building on Mars".

3D printing technology is becoming more accessible, more affordable and more useful every day. From factory tooling to movie props, 3D has countless applications. And now, you can even print your own house!

Source: Mashable. Image: Apis Cor

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