From stone axes to mobile phones, throughout history humans have given birth to a wide range of technologies that extend our physical and mental capabilities. Today it is almost impossible to imagine a world without technology. That's why we developed the Pyramid of Technology kit, a workshop-in-a-box to visualize how technology becomes nature in seven steps. Launching this week at What Design Can Do in Amsterdam, now available for pre-order in our web shop!

The Pyramid of Technology kit consists of 90 cards: 70 question cards, each linked to one of the seven levels of the pyramid aimed at stimulating debate around technologies and ten workshop cards to help articulate results in various creative ways and provide you with ten off-the-shelf exercises. Last but not least, there are ten insight cards that visualize technology dynamics and deepen the understanding of the Pyramid of Technology model.

Are you looking for a stimulating way to explore technology, facilitate brainstorming and catalyze innovative processes? NNN organizes workshops using a physical Pyramid of Technology as conceptual tool. The content of these workshops is built around the next nature concept and related themes, but can as well be tailored to specific needs. If you host a NNN workshop, you get seven toolkits for free! For more information about our inspiring sessions, please contact: workshops[at]

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